How Optimise helps business owners using invoice finance

8th April 2021

Optimise is a specialist service for business owners using invoice finance which helps them to manage their existing facility and funding effectively – resulting in a better understanding of invoice finance, a longer-term relationship with their funder and ultimately strong and reliable cashflow.

The new service is the brainchild of well-respected invoice finance industry figure, Richard Turvey, who has seen a gap in the market for an education and advisory piece.  Invoice finance facilities, typically called invoice discounting or factoring, are used by some 45,000 UK businesses to maximise cashflow and help with credit control, usually on 12 months rolling contracts.

Hellie Wright, Director, ACS Recruitment (Solutions) Ltd has signed up to Optimise and explains: “We were introduced to Richard and his team when working with our funder to make available funds to complete an MBO.  We were quickly reassured it was possible and Richard used his knowledge of invoice finance to show us how.

“They have since liaised on our behalf with our funder to secure access to additional funds.  This has freed up time for my fellow director and I to grow the business and resulted in a relationship with our funder that has never been better.  Everyone is winning.”

Optimise will operate on a monthly retainer model and aim to become a trusted adviser, working alongside the funder, the user and if required, their accountant.

Richard Turvey is an experienced practitioner with over 30 years’ experience in the sector.  He also owns a business that supports funders with risk management, so understands clearly what both directors and funders require to maximise that relationship.

Working alongside Richard will be Sarah MacInnes, who has joined the new venture as Client Manager.  In her 20-year banking and finance career she was predominantly responsible for the relationship between the invoice finance client and its funder.  She commented: “I have seen first-hand how important reliable cashflow is to making money.”

Richard agreed: “Optimise is a positive step for the invoice finance industry.  There are huge benefits to both the user and their funder when an invoice finance facility works well.  We want to help users of such facilities to unlock those benefits to give them strong and reliable cashflow – at no better time for businesses as they emerge from the pandemic.”

The benefits of the new Optimise service will include:

  • improved cashflow by overcoming the challenges of low funding when disapprovals or retentions are high, whatever the cause.
  • guidance and support managing the funder’s expectations when the user has a requirement for new cash or funder has concerns over the performance of the sales ledger or facility.
  • help to avoid unnecessary additional charges
  • a helpdesk for any invoice finance-related queries
  • business mentoring

Daniel Booth, Group Director of the Leonard Curtis Business Solutions Group said Optimise would sit well within the Group’s suite of professional service offerings and comes at no better time.

“Managing working capital as businesses come through Covid is a top priority. Enabling SME owners to be better judges of what excellent looks like for an invoice finance facility is good for everyone.

“We are all about solving problems for business owners and working as a team to debunk myths and provide simple solutions in complex situations. It is part of a multi-disciplinary approach with experts across many fields giving best advice just when it’s needed. We wish Richard and Sarah every success.”


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